The Raglan Coast

Having spent a month in Byron Bay early during my journey people highly recommended to visit Raglan when in New Zealand and that is where I spent the last five days. It is famous for its surf beaches but is different from Byron bay in many ways: First and foremost there are far less people – so empty here – even though the high season is starting and then the sand is black and white.

But that did not make a difference at all when it comes to surfing. Staying at a backpacker hostel we packed our boards every day and made our way first to the “house” beach right in front and then the last two days a little bit further down the coast to a better spot. I can really recommend this place as it does not only provide for great surfing but also provides amazing spots for sunset photography.

Here are some of the photos I took over the last couple of days while enjoying the place:

Te Toto Gorge Sunset
What a better place to go surfing in new Zealand than in Raglan. A famous long left handed wave, awesome empty beaches and great backpacker accommodation! Surf’s up Ace!
Hobbits Missing
Driving from Raglan to the Te Toto Gorge along a coastal gravel road you pass this mazing hilly landscape that would have made the perfect setting in case you would have wanted to move the Hobbiton movie set closer to the sea.
The Cliff
Driving south from Raglan along the coast is an adventure in itself: Gravel Roads, winding tracks, left the mountains and on the right the abyss… But this rough environment makes for an amzing photography playground and with its low hanging clouds this evening the sunset turned out very dramatic.
Into the Blue
Awesome colour play of the ocean and the sky at sunset! How does this come about? It just looked so awesome that I totally forgot that I am on a road. Just stopped my car in the middle of it, got out and set-up my tripod… Good that there are not that many cars on the road along the Raglan Coast but it made for some good laughters when the first cars arrived.

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