The first photo from my London trip

And here we go!

I started my photo session here in London with the Palace of Westminster, the Westminster Bridge and, of course, Big Ben.

Big Ben standing tall
The Elizabeth Tower or more commonly called “Big Ben”taken during the blue hour after sunset in May 2014. It is amazing to see how the sun is setting behind the buildings and then slowly the dramatic blue light is coming up to create the backdrop for this London icon. Please visit for my entire photo collection.

I can only imagine how many photos were already taken of this London sight but nevertheless it had to go into my collection as well. So, together with quiet a number of fellow photographers and loads of tourists I was standing on the shores of the Themes River looking for the best possible composition.

I initially tried a lot of variations in landscape orientation but was not satisfied, so i decided to make Big ben the main subject of my capture and took less of Westminster Abbey in, which came out quiet nice in my opinion.

Tonight I want to continue with the London Eye and London Bridge and am already excited to do so.

Stay tuned for more!

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