Being drawn back

Living in Beijing for two years now, I can not help but feeling drawn back to Hong Kong. The busy melting pot somehow as a strange attraction to me and over and over again i fly back south to spend a weekend with friends in this amazing city.

Always high up on the agenda is a ride on the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour.

Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
Having lived In Hong Kong for two years and still often going back the Star Ferry for me is the best place in this busy city to relax and breath during the 5 minutes shipping across the harbour. Every time I visit now I try to at least once take a ride and often manage. Please visit for my entire photo collection.

The sky is glowing while my hands are freezing

Another picture from my last weekend visit to the Beijing Summer Palace.

Luckily it was so cold that this major Beijing tourist attraction was not as crowded as it used to be from spring to autumn that it was possible to get a decent shot without too many people standing at the shoreline. The few left, together with the trees and Chinese hut make for nice silhouettes against the setting sun now.

Sunset over the Kunming Lake
Hardly able to move my fingers anymore due to temperatures well below 0 degrees, I was able to capture this amazing sunset over the Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace in Beijing. Please visit for my entire photo collection.

Beijing Summer Palace Winter Wonderland

What beautiful weather we had the past weekend in Beijing!

I packed my gear and went to the Summer Palace waiting for the sunset over the gorgeous Kunming Lake. One of the results was this picture of the Seventeen Arches Bridge right after sunset taken while standing on the frozen lake.

I will be back with more…

Seventeen Arches Bridge
Taken standing on the frozen Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace in Beijing in December 2013, the picture shows the Seventeen Arches Bridge shortly after sunset on a freezing cold Sunday afternoon. A picture clearly taken off the beaten track! Please visit for my entire photo collection.