Gallery Clean-Up Time

It is getting close to Christmas and when starting out on making my photography public I also decided that once a year I would go through my work and tidy up the work I show online.

And I can tell you that is not much fun! You have invested so much time to create each individual photo and then to say: “No, I do not like you anymore – you have got to go!”, is a difficult thing. Nevertheless I do believe it is important. It is important as people will judge you by the work you show and I firmly believe that people will judge you by the least appealing work they see. So if you show five great photos and have one poor one in a gallery, guess which one they will remember!

This is even more important when looking at your portfolio. In your portfolio you have to have only your absolute best work! This is what you share with people that are interested in hiring you and it has to be the best of the best!

So, today I sat down and went through all my public galleries and my portfolio and decided which photos to remove. And that are tough choices! Especially if you only have started professional photography recently as myself, where you can really see the learning curve in your work. There are a lot of photos and sometimes even entire galleries that do not match your own personal quality standard anymore and you have to remove them to ensure that the overall feel of your online portfolio and photo galleries is of the highest possible standard and consistent at the same time.

Now, that is what I did the last couple of hours and my heart is bleeding after having hit the delete button for images that have been representing my work in the past. But I know it is worth it as it helps to show also to my audience that I am consistently working on the quality of my work trying to improve.


But now have a look at my portfolio and my galleries and let me know if you can see the difference!

I hope you have a great experience!

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