Exploring Byron Bay

On my journey down the Australian East Cost there is one little town where I knew I had to spend a little longer: Byron Bay!

I have been visiting this awesome place twice before and I knew it is awesome so I rented myself a small room for approximately four weeks to enjoy the beaches, the people, to improve my surfing skills and to take my camera around to take photos in and around Byron Bay.

Cape Byron, which marks the north-east borer of Byron Bay is the most easterly point of Australia and a great starting point for a photographical journey through this amazing place:

The Power of the Elements
Very close to the most easterly point of Australia in the Cape Byron Conservation Park you have an amazing walking track along the shoreline with great views of the ocean the beaches and the vegetation. On this particular day in October 2014 strong winds were pushing the waves against the rocks below and made for nice dynamics in the foreground plants while I was fighting to get a sharp shot.

When continuing walking around Cape Byron to the South you arrive at the beautiful lighthouse from where you have an amazing view over the town and can enjoy magnificent sunsets:

Byron Bay Sunset
Overlooking the Cape Byron State Conservation Park and Byron Bays beautiful beaches this sunset photo was taken from the parking place of the Byron Bay Lighthouse. I really liked the vivid colours in the sky with the mountain in the foreground setting a nice contrast with its silhouette.

While the sun is setting over the town and the main beach the more quiet Tully Beach, which you can nicely overlook when following the Lighthouse Road, is being casted in awesome pastel colours while the sun has gotten too low in the west to touch its sand:

Tully Beach Sunset
While the sun was setting in the west I walked a little bit away from the Byron Bay Lighthouse to see if there are any other nice composition out there. A little bit further down the road one has this beautiful view over Tallow Beach facing due South and I very much like how the last sunlight is coming in from the side giving it this pastell toning.

The biggest challenge that you actually have as a photographer at this amazon place is that the weather is literally too good! There are often no clouds in the sky so when composing your shots you have to pay attention not to include too much blue sky in many cases. During my remaining time here in Byron Bay I want to get up early to see what the sunrises are like on the east facing Tully Beach. Let us see what I can come up with.

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