Equipment I use

Update November 10, 2014: You can now find all my gear listed here!


Let us have a look at the equipment I use when taking pictures:

The camera body I chose to get started beginning of 2013 is the Sony Alpha 57. I bought it following good reviews in the German magazine Chip and good experience with my good old point-and-shoot Cybershot camera, which I bought in 2001 and until today is still working fine producing great snapshots.

And then I am using three different lenses for the moment:

1.  Sony Zoom 18-135mm, f/3.5-5.6

2. Sony Fixed 50mm, f/1.4

3. Sigma Wide-Angle 8-16mm, f/4.5-5.6

Doing a lot of shooting in twilight my Oben AT-3420tripod has become a reliable travel companion, which i particular like as it is one of the few sterdy tripods high enough for a tall German, when used standing;)

I guess the next investment I am going to make is a macro lens but for the moment I am quiet happy with the creative choices I have with the above gear.

The next couple of days I will again spend in Berlin together with my gear and hope to come up with some more nice pictures for my Berlin gallery:

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