Down Below Times Square

The idea was to go to the Apple Store close to Central Park this evening but when changing subways at Times Square a band busking inside the station took my attention. I was soon to find out that it is called “Eric Paulin Ensemble” and a regular act in the New York Subway system.

They were playing some really great oldies like “Billy Jean”, “Summer of 69” and “Rebell Yell” and attracted a growing crowd. So, instead of continuing my journey I stopped and while listening to the music got out my camera with my new Sony 70-200mm F4 lens to take photos of the band and its fans.

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This was only the second time that I used this lens, following my first experiences shooting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York, which you can read about here.

This time shooting was a lot more challenging as I was taking photos inside the subway station in a low light situation. So I shot in aperture priority mode at its lowest possible setting of F4 and used “auto ISO” to ensure sharp images. Now, it is no secret that the auto focus speed of the A7 series is not the best and with the A7r being the expert for landscape photography I would have to work hard to get “the shot” but with the continuous focus mode, I was able to take some really cool images.

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Eric Paulin Ensamble

I especially like this image of a preacher, who was not only enjoying the music but also spreading the word of god in between the songs, while carrying a billboard informing about his cause:

Eric Paulin Ensamble

Please click on any of the images above or this link to enjoy all photos I took during the unexpected concert.

The photos taken were edited inside Lightroom and then converted to black & white.

I will post a review of my experiences with the Sony 70-200mm F4 lens once I have used it more often and am able to draw conclusions but so far I am very satisfied with the results.



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