British Museum

What an awesome building!

Having an architect in the family certainly helps to appreciate great architecture but I have to say that the combination of 18th century bricks and stones with the steel and glass ceiling structure from the 20th century makes for an excebtionally great view.

British Museum
Established in 1753 the British Museum shows a vast collection of exhibits dedicated to culture and human history. You can actually walk in there for free as only parts of the museum require you to buy a ticket. This shot was taken from the gallery on the first floor into the big main hall covered by an amazing steel glass roof construction. Please visit for my entire photo collection.

With free entry this place is busy with hordes of tourists but it is no problem to climb up to the first floor and shoot this photo into the center hall.

There are a lot of interesting exhibitions going on as well focusing on  human history and culture. While I was there also an exhibition about the Vikings was on…in retrospect I should have gone in but I was obviously too focused on my scheduled photo ops in London.

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