Book Review: “Light, Gesture, and Color (Voices That Matter)” by Jay Maisel

I am a big fan of the work of Jay Maisel and following the good initial reviews his new book “Light, Gesture, and Color (Voices That Matter)” has received I bought myself the Kindle edition.

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The paperback edition has 264 pages and the book is structured in three major sections that are surprisingly Light, Gesture and Colour. Of the three section Colour takes by far the largest portion of the book with approx. 90% of the entire content.

The book is structured in a way that Jay Maisel introduces a concept and then underlines it by a matching photo. These “concepts” are – to give you an idea – for example:

– Bad Light at Dawn
– Surprise Light
– Less is More
– Wander Around
– Look Around
– Not enough Lens to get Closer

Personally I have to say that I am a little disappointed after reading through the book for the first time (I mention that as it sometimes happens to me that I discover the true value of a book only once reading it a second or third time.) as messages such as “always carry the camera” or “Do not judge yourself against others” are not really strong enough for me to justify buying a book from one of the best photographers out there.

Do not get me wrong: The photos in the book alone are amazing but the text around it is just not appealing enough for me to recommend the book to the general audience, especially as – at least in the Kindle version – the photos are quiet small.

I think the book can be of interest to fans of Jay Maisel and his photography who want to learn more about his thought process behind individual photos. To me the concept however is not as appealing as I would have hoped.

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